487 Dirt Road

Delancey, NY 13752

(607) 287-8148





Secluded escape in the Western Catskill Mountains

We promise our guests at least an acre (or 3) to yourself. Yes, you read that right, we don’t stack outdoors explorers on top of each other.​ You won't have other campers only a few feet away, no RV generators running all night (sorry but we won't allow ANY RVs for some time). Pets are very welcome, just clean-up after them, and we offer free firewood and limited ice in a pinch. The stunning views and rare chance to be in the "deep woods" are all gratis!

All of our camping sites come equipped with spacious areas for pitching a tent and embracing the Earth. Firewood is included, and expect a sweet fire pit with a wagon-train tripod grill to cook something delicious. Clean, sanitary and environmentally responsible outhouses are available to all of our campers, while the "Lean-Too" cabin and Peak Canvas Tent sites each have a private outhouse.  At the bathhouse you will find divinity while taking a warm outdoors shower using harvested rain water that is fully filtered. 

As a bonus, cell phone signals are strong on our land (a rarity in the western Catskills). We can't broadcast wi-fi over our mountain and many acres, so the strong cellular signal means you can bring a speaker for music or your favorite movies to stream. Recharging is available via our solar stations and super cool USB battery charging contraptions.

We want you to make your site your own, respect it and, please, offer us feedback on how to make the Dirt Road Camp experience even better!

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