487 Dirt Road

Delancey, NY 13752

(607) 287-8148


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Local Activities, Eateries and Libations

Located in two lovingly restored barns;  tucked behind Main Street in Andes NY.  You can not only drink and take away bottles (or cases) of their homemade cider, but, stay awhile and eat some farm to table  food. Dogs (on leashes) welcome too!

Additionally, catch some live music and special events held throughout the year.



55 Redden Lane

Andes, NY 13731

The Shire Pub offers delicious food, along with live music, trivia, and karaoke nights.



123 Main Street

Delhi NY, 13753

The Ark Bowl & BBQ is a family run, 120‐seat restored 1960’s era vintage bowling alley, restaurant, saloon and music venue in Arkville, New York, aka Western Catskill Mountains. Featuring slow smoked and grilled BBQ fare and American cuisine with a full catering menu and off‐site and on‐site catered options.


42366 NY-28, Arkville, New York 12406


Andes Hotel, Restaurant and Tavern

offers great food,

live music and fun events throughout the year.


110 Main Street
Andes, New York 13731


Two Old Tarts is a restaurant and bakery dedicated to providing fresh, inventive, and irresistible baked delights, breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a unique twist. Also offering to-go six packs of various beers. 


22 Lee Lane (off of Main St)

Andes, New York 13731

Bagels N Cream