Welcome to Dirt Road Camp!

We offer the following sites:

  • Pets are welcome.

  • Firewood and several gallons of water included in price. Tent rentals available.

  • Check-in begins at 3:00p and check-out by noon. Feel free to contact us to arrange early check-in, late check-out.

  • Before arrival, please let us know your vehicle make/model and ETA. If you decide your vehicle is best left in the parking area, we are happy to bring you and your gear to your site. Or we can haul your gear and you can enjoy a leisurely hike to your site!

  • Full refund for cancellations with 48 hours notice.

  • Please respect the land and enjoy your stay!

One to three acres of land includes:

  • Firewood

  • Fire pit with tripod grill

  • Several gallons of water

  • Outhouse nearby


Walk-in and drive-in sites available.

Capacity: One tent and up to four people + pet. Additional persons and pet $5/night each.

Don't have gear or don't want the hassle of setting up and breaking down your tent? For a $15 flat fee we will set up our 2 person tent with sleeping pads and sleeping bags prior to your arrival.

Tent Sites



Bluestone (Group Site)

Our majestic Bluestone quarry site includes:

  • Two-story pavilion with upper deck and medieval fireplace

  • Merry-go-round fire pit (sit and spin with the fire)

  • 12' long picnic table with benches

  • Two oil burning torches, solar lights on stairs and pavilion

  • Firewood

  • Tripod grill

  • Several gallons of water

  • Frying pans and cooking utensils

  • Bathhouse nearby

  • Corn hole game; hatchet throwing

  • Neighboring forest group site available for additional guests

Capacity:  Up to three tents and/or 10 people + pets.

Due to NYS law, all groups over 10 people must overflow into neighboring site for additional fee.

This site is available as a drive-in site, and can fit multiple cars.

Expect incredible star gazing!



"Lean-Too" Cabin

Built into an ancient bluestone quarry, this structure is as organic as it is inspired. A private, picturesque shelter, our Lean-Too cabin includes:

  • Interior wood stove with firewood and grill inserts

  • Full bed, single cot, pillows and linens

  • Outdoor fire pit with tripod grill

  • Outdoor water tank with hose for quick clean-ups 

  • Private outhouse with toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, feminine products

  • Table and chairs

  • Off-grid kitchen with sink and countertop

  • Several gallons of water

  • Portable single flame propane stove top

  • Kettle, french press, frying pan, pitcher

  • Dishes, bowls, glasses, mugs, silverware, bottle opener, cooking utensils

  • Salt, pepper, olive oil, coffee, sugar, canned goods

  • Paper towels, napkins, dish soap, sponge, oven mitt

  • Picnic basket

  • Bug spray

  • Matches

  • Garbage can with bags

  • Candles, lanterns and headlamps

  • USB battery charger station 

  • Folding camp chair

  • Hammock chair and checkerboard top table on deck

  • Books, cards and board games

  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher

Capacity: Up to six people. Cabin can comfortably sleep 3. Guests may set up tents on-site in surrounding woods. Additional guests (over six persons) are $5/per person/per night.




"Peak Site" Canvas Wall Tent

If you don’t have gear, our “Peak Site” is tailored for you: A luxurious all-season 16' x 20' canvas wall-tent designed by Davis Tent Company.


Interior space of 320 square feet, with an additional 200+ square feet of deck space includes: 

  • Full bed, single cot, pillows and linens

  • Private outhouse with toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, feminine products

  • Table and seating

  • Interior wood stove with water heater spigot

  • Firewood and outdoor fire pit

  • 1800's wash basin with bowl and pitcher (no running water)

  • Several gallons of water

  • Kettle, french press, portable single flame propane stove top

  • Frying pans and grill utensils

  • Dishes, bowls, mugs, silverware, cutting board, bottle opener

  • Salt, pepper, sugar, coffee, olive oil, canned goods

  • Paper towels, dish soap, sponge, brillo

  • Books, cards and board games

  • Candles, head lamps, lanterns

  • Folding camp chair

  • Matches and lighter

  • Bug spray, sunscreen

  • Garbage can with bags

  • Ring toss game

  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher

Capacity: Up to six people - 3 person bedding in wall tent plus guests may set up tents on site. Additional guests (over six persons) are $5/per person/per night.


Rent Our Mountain

Three Days / Two Nights

$950 flat rate

Our private mountain offers families and groups the rare opportunity to have an entire campground to yourself.

Mountain rental includes sites for 25 + people, such as our amazing Peak site and Lean-Too, all tent sites, plus all outhouse and bathhouse facilities. We can also arrange for catering, outdoor movies, rental of our giant barbecue pit, and other special requests. 

Please call or email us to inquire about booking. 


487 Dirt Road

Delancey, NY 13752

(607) 287-8148


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