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DRC's Newest Four Season Cabin - Outpost

Winter is upon us, with several small storms blanketing our mountain already. We LOVE winter camping up here — We never close — so pack an extra layer of clothes, your favorite hiking boots, and something sure to warm your soul!

Just in time for winter’s worst is the grand opening of our Outpost cabin. This brand-new two-story structure is located adjacent to our parking lot, easily accessible and fully insulated, tin-wrapped with a Hobbit door. Yep, you read that right: A Hobbit door is the entrance to the lower level! Equipped with a super-efficient ceramic wood stove and covered three-tier deck, Outpost is both a throw-back and dystopian dream — The lower level serves as both a comfy bunkhouse and root cellar for storage, sealed deep in the ground to ensure a stable 50 degrees, whether winter or summer. Thick glass panels embedded in the ceiling/floor reveal the strong maple trunks that support this amazing structure with light streaming from above…

Atop, Outpost is a posh cabin full of cedar that we salvaged from a nearby barn that was about to be leveled. Take a seat on the massive bluestone boulder that the cabin is carved into, gaze out the huge western window for a full view of our woods and mountain… Enjoy something tasty and forget the world for a while.

Outpost comes with a cool solar recharging station with a bluetooth speaker and lights, as well as all the rustic comforts you’ve come to expect at Dirt Road Camp (cast iron pans, pots, utensils, olive oil, coffee, French Press, etc). Oh and the bed is circa 1800, but the full-size mattress is brand-new and super comfy, fully adorned with all the sheets and blankets you’ll ever need.

We will be adding an outdoor shower in the spring to make it fully off-grid. As expected, free firewood and several gallons of potable water will be waiting for you.

Our Lean-Too cabin high atop the mountain and reinforced Peak wall-tent have been so popular this year that we feared people were being turned away when trying to escape to Dirt Road Camp. Adding Outpost ensures that we can serve the masses year-round, so look at your schedule and book wisely. These Catskills get some serious snow, so choose your adventure, vehicles, and equipment accordingly!

Finally, for those inquiring about renting our entire mountain for overdue reunions and weddings, let’s talk soon. Planning for bigger events is essential, and we’re making friends with local caterers and other services to ensure we can handle anything. Trust us; we now have a Hobbit door, three year-round structures and ample acreage yet to develop, so it’s safe to say that we can pull anything off here at Dirt Road Camp.

Cheers to 2020 at last ending and break a big smile for all that next year offers!

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