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Let It Snow!

When we founded Dirt Road Camp in 2018, the notion of year-round camping seemed absurd. The dreaded season of ‘winter’ was included in our plan, and many told us not to bother - hibernate instead, simply close those four months. Well, three years and a serious wilderness survival training session later, winter camping is suddenly hot!

Want to feel more alive? Push yourself, get extreme, inhale frigid air and make the heart race! To make the most of winter camping, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Pack extra layers of clothing, socks especially (non-cotton is best), and a good pair of boots - You will get wet so fresh clothes are key!

  • The cold makes tasks twice as hard so choose food wisely. You will burn far more calories trudging through the snow; comfort food and protein-packed snacks are invaluable ammunition.

  • Water-up! Dehydration happens, even when surrounded by frozen H2O. Ingest liquids regularly and, remember, eating snow doesn’t really rehydrate you due to the energy your body burns while processing that chilled water.

  • Booze may not be your best friend. All apologies, but alcohol dehydrates you and increases the loss of body heat. Please be careful when drinking too much, especially high atop a solitary mountain covered with snow. We do love a hot toddy or sip of warm whiskey though…

  • Finally, bring a partner; nothing warms better than body heat. (The body warmth from your canine friends can’t hurt either!)

You won’t be totally roughing-it at Dirt Road Camp. All of our structures come equipped with wood stoves, a full stock of firewood, and several gallons of water. Our Lean-Too and Outpost cabins are rustic delights, and our Peak wall-tent retains heat like you’re elk-hunting in Alaska. We equip each site with extra blankets and all of the cooking accessories you’ll ever need, letting you focus on food and clothing and drinking essentials instead.

Several storms have hindered full driving access to the top of our mountain (though some 4x4 trucks have succeeded). Still, we won’t be swayed. Guests toss their gear and themselves into our Polaris Ranger for a brisk ride up our mountain, branches hanging low from snow, icicles forming from roofs and noses.

We’ve also added propane-powered grills and heaters for rent, when more extreme temperatures hit and you need a meal faster or yourself warmer, especially on chilly mornings when a fresh fire is being built. We recommend grabbing a few extra propane canisters if you plan on utilizing the cook stove and propane heater throughout your stay, along with a small bag of dry firewood to supplement the wood from our land that is provided. Both of these items can be found at most gas stations.

We love winter camping up here! Just plan your trip wisely and feel free to reach-out with any questions or concerns. 2021 is already an amazing year, and Dirt Road Camp is ready for your escape!

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