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What Now?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Yes, the world has flipped, with the Covid-19 virus sending many into panic. We pray for the infected, the lost, and hope for the best.

And yes, our phones are buzzing, with family and friends asking if they can come up, if, when, you know…

Dirt Road Camp remains open. We all need a safe retreat spot, especially now. "In March 2020, Governor Cuomo issued the "New York State on PAUSE" Executive Order, a 10-point policy outlining "Essential Businesses" in New York State that can operate under guidance and directives for maintaining a clean and safe work environment issued by the NYS Dept. of Health and Executive Orders. We're pleased to share that independently operated campgrounds are included as "other accommodations" under Essential Infrastructure." ( However, given New York State and Delaware County regulations on movement, specific to our many friends in New York City, ( we are simply trying to be responsible and flexible.

Should you be looking to escape for a weekend or a while, please give us a call @ (607) 287-8148 or email to discuss what your visit to DRC would entail, which is the best site to fit your needs, and what you need to bring. Even if you can’t get here, feel reassured that such places exist. Our rain harvest barrels are all connected, solar power in place, firewood split and seasoning…

Let’s all take a deep breath. Ideally far from others. Cough into your elbow, avoid crowds, remain cognizant of symptoms. Try to avoid hoarding toilet paper, masks, worrying about your 401k, arguing politics when we need to unite, however virtually. Reach-out to an elderly neighbor and ask if they need anything. Confirming that someone else cares is a cure unto itself.

And be prepared. Whiskey sanitizes wounds while also warming on a cold night. Dryer lint is excellent kindling. Drinking more water soothes the body; increased stress dehydrates. While the world hesitates, panics, we continue to build, clear new campsites, prepare. An old oil tank from a nearby field will soon be a massive medieval fireplace for us to gather round, share a fire, stories, a good laugh.

Our “Game of Logging” event, sponsored by the Catskill Forest Association, on May 30th, is still planned and fully booked. Our “Survival Skills” training event for June has been pushed back because, well, we’re all utilizing those skills presently.

Guests at Dirt Road Camp have universally arrived prepared, per our site’s rather blunt description of what to expect here. They brought food and drink, adequate gear and eager attitudes. We expect nothing less now. When stripped of all that was once essential, what things can you toss into a backpack and carry as far as possible? Sturdy boots and serious mettle assumed…

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This place was perfect for the 10 of us who camped there together. Some came from Mass., PA., Albany and I lived locally here in Delhi. The group site we nested in is unique as it lies where a money making stone quarry once was(and is, see photos ). We had more than enough room and everyone loved the quirkiness of the setting. We had plenty to do. We played Wiffle ball(brought our own), they had a target for ax throwing, Corn Hole boards and bags were provided, we brought guitars and a drum box and enjoyed some libations. A Super Great Time was had by ALL.

As for the hosts. Brad & Laura, they couldn't have been nicer.…

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